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Invasion Science Research Institute (ISRI)

Invasion Science Research Institute (ISRI)

Invasive species cause massive economic and environmental harm. The problems are often complex and multidimensional, yet our approach to their management tends to lack coordination and relies on single disciplinary perspectives. We aim to synergize the significant research and training capacity currently distributed across multiple disciplinary-based Departments and Colleges at the University of Florida to transform understanding and management of invasive species.

Our vision

To be a global leader in the understanding, prevention, and management of invasive species.

Our mission

To facilitate interdisciplinary research that advances our understanding of the causes and consequences of invasive species; generates innovative approaches to reduce invasions and their impacts on natural, agricultural, and urban systems; and train the next generation of invasion scientists.

Our values

Collaboration and Partnership


Inclusivity and Empathy


Our Strategic Aims

Our Strategic Aims

Strategy 1


Strengthen the research community to improve institutional agility, capacity and capability, supporting current leaders in invasion science research, teaching and extension.

Strategy 2


Training students for careers in invasion science and nurturing early career invasion scientists, thereby safeguarding the future of our invasion science workforce

Strategy 3


Facilitate interdisciplinary research to advance our understanding of invasive species including the underlying environmental, economic and socio-political drivers, which in turn informs the design, organization and delivery of novel policies and practices that can improve prevention and management.

Strategy 4


Enhance knowledge exchange to improve the relevance, profile, and impact of invasion science to diverse stakeholders including the public sector, private sector, third sector, and wider society.